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"My objective when I saw Stefan at the start of the year was to finish the Dublin marathon, to do so relatively pain free (no one doesn’t hurt running a marathon!!) the bonus was pushing the time and I’m thrilled and grateful for the professional care and help. It was a long haul from the MRI, through physio and diet to this, but it shows what is possible if you put your mind to it.

From a torn hamstring and not really in a good place to smashing my personal best in the Dublin marathon in 9 months. Took 25 minutes off my previous best !!! to say that I am happy with this would be a huge understatement.

Grateful isn’t the word!"

"Dr Tham was excellent - thorough and exacting in his examination and carefully listened to everything I told him. He prescribed treatment which helped me almost immediately and l am now pain free for the first time in 7 months. I would recommend this doctor" 

"Dr Moghal has always gone far beyond an ordinary level of care to be a fantastic support to my elderly mother"

"I thought my chances of running the marathon was over before I met Dr Moiz. He treated my stress fracture as he would do in a professional athlete. He is imaginative and thinks outside the box. He helped me to regain fitness and complete the race"

"Dr Tham managed to cure my leg pain that had been going on for many years. It was getting me down and I was struggling to play any sport. He and his group of experts had access to the best scans and injections.... world class" 

"Dr Kluzek was extremely thorough in his treatment of my son's concussion. I was able to contact him whenever needed, including out of hours. I always felt very reassured by him and had confidence in his advice. I would definitely see him again if needs required"

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