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Dr Stefan Kluzek 

Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine

FRCP MSc(Oxf) PGDip(ultrasound) DPhil FFSEM

Dr Kluzek is a Physician specializing in Sport and Exercise Medicine and Clinical Scientist interested in identifying the pathways for early joint degeneration, poor cardiovascular health, and cognitive decline. His clinical area of expertise is in diagnosing and treating problems arising from the musculoskeletal system, including a common form of arthritis and muscle, tendon, and joint injuries.

He supports athletes of the highest level of professional sport as a Medical Officer for GB Hockey Men’s team. He was also involved with Olympic sports as a Medical Officer for British para-athletics during Tokyo 2020. His current practice involves weekly clinics for both professional and amateur athletes, as well as treating patients for a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints. Stefan's areas of expertise are knee, ankle and shoulder injuries, early osteoarthritis, tendinopathies and bone stress fractures. He also reviews patients with metabolic problems, underperformance and concussions.

Research and teaching

Dr Kluzek leads research groups interested in injuries and illnesses affecting the active population and the consequences of the common causes of chronic muscle and joint pain, including metabolic and hormonal problems. His research explores the role of inflammatory pathways in the development of common musculoskeletal conditions.

His research has already provided new insights into Osteoarthritis, from the effect of the early environment to treatments for established disease. He has been involved in several large multicenter clinical trials to define the benefit of new therapeutic interventions in musculoskeletal systems. Dr Kluzek is particularly interested in identifying and targeting mechanisms leading to early cardiovascular disease linked with common joint osteoarthritis.


  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, London

  • Faculty Fellow of Sport and Exercise Medicine

  • Member of British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine

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